berry picking in auburn!


I’m so excited to announce our new Berry Picking Photo Sessions on Saturday, August 2nd!

We’ll be heading out to Amber Oaks Farm in Auburn for a fun day of picking sweet thornless blackberries. Not only will you leave with a bunch of delicious berries, but adorable photos of you and your kids interacting and having fun picking them!

Most of the photos will be candid and unposed, but we will be doing some posed family photos before you start picking berries. The farm is a beautiful setting and we want to get your whole family in a photo together with such an awesome backdrop.

Your session will be 30 minutes long and includes the minimum u-pick charge of $10. You will also receive a fun gift basket with lots of goodies for you and your family.

We can’t wait to get you signed up and ready for this fun session! We only have room for 3 families, so call us at (916) 837-5955 right away if you want to be one of them!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Simply email us at and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Also, if you know anyone else who might be interested in doing this, please use the social sharing buttons below to post it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Thanks! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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a little family love :)


“Here’s your twenty-two dollars,” Atreyu declares as each of his stuffed animals order drinks and food one by one from his couch side coffee shop.  ”Thank you, Atreyu!, ” I say as I pretend to be his rhino or turtle or dog coming in to order a maple scone and some coffee from him.  Sometimes they are out of tea or definitely don’t serve bagels!  But overall, a really great place to hang out and get some pretend refreshments.

I just revel in his innocence and delight in seeing him experience new things.  My mom got him a Winnie the Pooh movie that we watched with him for the first time.  While the movie was awesome, the best part was watching Atreyu sit motionless, on the edge of his seat, fully engaged in this brand new adventure with characters he’s only seen in a book before.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.  Then at the very end, after the credits finished rolling, the bad guy appears again unexpectedly.  Atreyu yelped, jumped up and hid behind my mom.  It was such a real and uninhibited reaction to something that, as I get older, I forget would be scary to a child.  Those are the moments that I love being a part of.  I just love being Auntie Crystal.

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brotherhood | folsom firehouse family portraits

Brandon smiles down at his little brother while he wraps his arm around his shoulder making him feel protected and loved.  They both look up and smile giving me the perfect photo for their proud mama.  It was her persistence that got us this awesome antique fire truck as our backdrop, and with super friendly firemen helping us out, we got the truck in place and captured portrait gold.

family portraits in folsomfamily photos in folsombrotherly love portraitsfolsom family photos

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College Grad Portraits | Sacramento State University

Probably the most satisfying moment of my life was walking across the stage at my graduation from Sacramento State University in 2007 – nearly 10 years after I graduated high school.  Sheesh!  Between transferring schools, moving out of state and changing my major a few times, it took a VERY long time for me to get through college.  Throughout my college journey, I worked at Chili’s with this beautiful lady – both of us a part the Design Department and working our tails off.  She too had a long journey through college and absolutely worked harder than anyone else I know.  Staying up nights to complete projects, having to miss work to finish her portfolio, and working an internship as well as her paying job at Chili’s.  All for the ultimate triumph of graduating from college and getting that degree.  Now she’s done and has found a job in her chosen field and I couldn’t be happier for her!  She deserves every bit of success she is now enjoying.  To commemorate the end of this important experience, we went out near campus and captured some truly stunning portraits of her.

Sac State Senior Portraits


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Gabriela Herrera - Thank you so much Crystal!! Your hard work did certainly pay off as well :) I love my pictures they turned out great!!