Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal!


Call us before Tuesday to book your session in December and receive half off your session fee!  That can be up to $100 in savings!

Also, don’t forget we are having our Last Minute Minis on Saturday, December 6th at Johnson Springview Park in Rocklin.  Session fees are half off and you get 10% off  your order!  Click here for more info.

You can have an adorable portrait like this for your family, too!

Custom Family Portraits in Rocklin CA

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Last Minute Minis at Johnson Springview Park in Rocklin

Johnson Springview Park Mini Sessions

We have decided to have some last minute mini sessions (30 minutes) for families who missed the chance to come in before the holiday ordering deadline.  Since you may not get everything before Christmas, we are offering your session fee at half off.  For a family that means paying $75 instead of $150!  You will also receive 10% off specialty items at your ordering appointment.

Our last minute minis will be taking place on  Saturday, December 6th from 10am – noon at Johnson Springview Park in Rocklin.  We only have room for four families, so give us a call at (916) 837-5955 to lock in your spot as soon as possible.

There are still some available dates before the holiday ordering deadline as well if you’d like to get everything before Christmas.  Email us at for a list of dates and times we have open this month.

Thanks!  We can’t wait to hear from you and go over all the details!


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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal! - […] Springview Park in Rocklin.  Session fees are half off and you get 10% off  your order!  Click here for more […]

fall style ideas

Getting a family portrait done can be a super stressful experience.  You know that this is going up on your wall for years to come and you want everyone to look amazing.  But how??  How do you coordinate everyone without looking boring or matchy-matchy?  Well, one really simple but amazing idea is to coordinate everyone using all neutrals with one color mixed in for interest, like this:

These outfits are great on their own as well as together.  They have incorporated pattern with all the different stripes, which I love, and texture with the sequins and tutu, which adds depth and interest to your photos.  To take this look to the next level and be even more interesting, you could add in some accessories.  Instead of a striped shirt, mom could switch to a solid black, white or gray and add in a beautiful scarf to complete her look and add more texture.

Or switch to a blouse with a lower neckline and wear some beautiful statement jewelry:

The thing to remember when choosing outfits for your family portraits is to remain as timeless as possible.  If you want to enjoy looking at these photos on your walls for years to come, you’ll want to avoid super trendy outfits and accessories.  As always, stay true to your individual style but take it up a notch.  Wear something a little more daring than you normally would or add in an accessory you wouldn’t wear on an average day.  Most of all – Have Fun!  A photo shoot is as much about the experience you have during the session as the pictures afterwards.  You want to look at the photos and remember the fun you had!


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custom wall design | roseville portrait photography

Custom wall design

As I’m putting together these images for a custom wall design for my mom, all I can think of is how many other people have wonderful photos that haven’t been put to any use.

I understand how it goes.  You spend a bunch of your valuable time and energy getting ready for a photo session, planning it out, making wonderful, beautiful memories only to realize a year later that those special and expensive portraits are still sitting in the box they came in, or, even worse, are still on the CD.  You’ve either completely forgotten about them, don’t have time to deal with them, or don’t know which ones to hang up and where.  On top of that, what frames do you buy?  There are so many options!

This, my friends, is why we are now offering custom wall design as part of our photo sessions.  We want to take the pain out of your portrait purchase and add more value.  We want to help you decide what to wear so your portraits coordinate with the style of your home.  We want to help you decide where to have your portrait session so that your location coordinates with your home.  And we want to help you decide where to hang your portraits in your home so they are displayed perfectly.

We will come over for a design consultation.  Take a look around your home.  Find the perfect spot for your custom wall or a couple different options.  Take pictures of these walls.  And then we will design a beautiful wall using your new portraits and show you a computer simulation, to scale, of what that will look like.  You will see exactly what you are getting before spending any money on it!  We can move the photos around, change the size, change the frames and matting, show you what a canvas would look like instead, etc.  You name it, we can show it to you.  On our computer.  At your ordering appointment.

Not only that, but we have many styles of prints for you to choose from.  We offer your standard framed and matted portrait, but we also offer canvas gallery wraps and prints on wood, metal or acrylic.  Since we’ve seen your decorating style, we can now help you decide what will best suit your aesthetic.

Even after all of that, we still won’t leave you hanging.  Once all of your fabulous products come in, we will come over to your home and hang everything up for you just like we designed in the computer.  TADA!  Your wall design session is complete.  There are no projects left for you to do.  Nothing for you to decide or think about or purchase.  It’s all done.  DONE.

And this is FREE.  Completely free until the end of the year.  We want you to check it out.  See if you like it.  Get some feedback.  Then, when the new year starts, we will be offering this as an add on to our standard session.

We think it’s worth it and we hope you do, too!  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

To sign-up for a custom wall design session before the end of the year, call Crystal right away at (916) 837-5955.  If you think your friends and family might be interested in this offer, please use the social sharing buttons below and let them know about it.  Thanks!


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